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  • 2014

To accelerate Kasda global business expansion, company name changed from Kasda Digital Technology Co., Ltd to Kasda Networks Inc.

  • 2014

Successfully set up Kasda branch office in Los Angeles, USA, and launched Kasda brand first product in the retail market.

  • 2013

After 10 years operating in Europe and America market, Kasda made a big change to return to domestic market by leveraging the E-commerce platform.

  • 2011

”KASDA” Trademark completes the worldwide registration.

  • 2010

Awarded” National High-Tech Enterprise” by Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology

  • 2009

Accomplished shareholding reforming, yearly sales growth doubled.

  • 2008

Successfully obtained ISO9001:2008 quality certifications assessed by CCIC.

  • 2006

Cooperation started with Slovakia Telecom and Croatia Telecom.

  • 2004

KASDA ADSL terminal devices successfully acquired CE and ROHS Certification, and sales licensed to EU market.

  • 2003

Awarded ”Shenzhen High-Tech Demonstration Project Enterprise”, and achieved municipal financial support. Successfully obtained the 3C Quality Mandatory Certification and ISO9001:2000 Certification, evaluated by CCIC.

  • 2002

”ADSL CPE” Project awarded “Shenzhen High-Tech Demonstration Project”, and support gained from Shenzhen Science and Technology Three Items Founds.

  • 2001

KASDA was established with registered capital of 13 million, partnered with China Telecom and China Netcom.

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