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Kasda Show Up with 4G and Fiber End Products in CeBIT 2015
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CeBIT Hannover is the world's largest authority in the field of information, communication and software exhibition. Kasda has been participating in this show since 2005 and has won recognition from competitors, ISP, distributors and most of all, consumers worldwide, ver since.  

 Kasda, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, founded in 2001 with focus in broadband access and, still have not changed its passion for its core business, but only come to bring the world some refreshing new merit of mobile and gigabit technologies and, its fantastic prototypes and finished products. Again, thanks to our innovative team, we have impressed visitors and won a lot of customer’s interest.

 Among all Kasda products on display, below two new series are the most worthy to mention:

Optical Access: GPON and Fiber End ONT. Kasda has developed different models for large home comprehensive demanding home user and simply high speed requested SOHO user. Featuring 11AC next generation Wi-Fi technology, solid Gigabit Ethernet connection and VoIP port for free communication, Kasda GPON take full advantage of its SC/APC port (one type of all 4 GPON ports) and offer the most smooth internet experience for end users.

Mobile Terminal Access: 3G/4G/LTE Router and Dongles. Kasda brilliance understands the future and the demanding for internet on the move. Back in the days we have decided to work on this project and now gladly announce our progress and achievements. Our 4G router/ dongle support major global bands, fully backward compatible with 3G, and can be customized to any of your unique specification, take Kasda 4G/LTE router and share internet to your mobile devices wherever you go, in the world, as long as LTE/3G signal is available. 

You are most welcome to visit us booth no. C69,Hall 13. CeBIT Hannover, Germany during Mar.16-20, 2015. 

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